Implementing Open Innovation Alliances


The workshops “Outsourcing Development & Life-Cycle Management” receive an average promotor score of 8.6. Read some of the reactions from participants:

  • “All disciplines in our organization who are involved in outsourcing should participate in this workshop” – Global Account Manager
  • “From strategic considerations to a practical toolbox for outsourcing development successfully” – Manager Projects
  • “Well structured, good balance theory and practice. All relevant issues are addressed. Discussion on governance model was very important” – Director Development & Engineering
  • “I will recommend this workshop to my colleagues” – System Architect
  • “This is a beautiful workshop to bring OEM and supplier together to define the objectives and plans for this type of outsourcing. I am convinced that in that way the workshop brings maximum value to both parties” – Sales Manager.

For workshop program details refer to: Introduction workshop Outsourcing Development and Life Cycle Management

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