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Implementing Open Innovation Alliances

Effective chain collaboration is increasingly important for clients and suppliers, both in chains in the industry and in other sectors, such as the service sector. Its importance is increasing due to trends towards specialization, multidisciplinary innovation and ongoing cost control in all aspects of the value chain. Click here for a more detailed description of these trends.

Important issues

As a result of the trends mentioned, organizations will increasingly have to ask themselves the following questions:

  • Which competencies do I want to keep or develop in-house and which competencies do I prefer to outsource?
  • Which clients/suppliers do we choose and how do we divide the roles in the product/service development and build process?
  • How do we deal with responsibilities and risks in the partnership relationship, also during the product or service life cycle?
  • How are we going to organize the collaboration (‘governance model’, multidisciplinary teams)?
  • How do we achieve a ‘win-win’ for the partners in the collaboration?

Many organizations already work together in a value chain with clients and suppliers, often with success. However, there is a much-heard ambition to make this collaboration more effective. Organizations that are taking the first steps on the path to chain collaboration are also looking for guidance and help. That is why in recent years a framework has been developed of concepts, of different types of collaboration models and of methods to effectively prepare and implement these collaborations. For this I have worked together with Brainport Industries and Fontys Hogescholen. A recent collaboration with the Dutch Association of Purchasers (NEVI) has resulted in the development of a training course specifically for purchasers who are involved in chain collaboration.

My services

I am convinced that effective chain collaboration is of crucial importance for the success of our organizations and therefore of our economy and society. And also, it can be fun and rewarding at a personal level. That is why I like to offer my services through this website:


Cases from the practice of the participating organizations are used in the workshops.


One of the keys to success is to make the teams with these different disciplines effective.


This book is a practical guide for OEMs and suppliers to manage their relationship in this particular type of alliance.
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