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Since 2017 I have been giving workshops for multidisciplinary teams. These workshops can be given with participants from different organizations or internally for one organization. Cases from the practice of the participating organizations are used in the workshops. This ensures that the lessons from the workshop are immediately put into practice and can be taken back to their organization by the participants.

In addition to the workshops for multidisciplinary teams, I prepare workshops specifically for buyers in collaboration with the Dutch Association of Buyers (NEVI). I advise you to keep an eye on the NEVI website for news about this.

You can view a standard example of a workshop table of contents here. This can be adjusted in consultation. The workshops can be given in both Dutch and English. I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions about the workshop.

The participants in the workshops give an average promoter score of 8.6.

Here are some statements from participants and their functions:

“This is a beautiful workshop to bring OEM and supplier together to define the objectives and plans for this type of outsourcing. I am convinced that in that way the workshop brings maximum value to both parties”

“I will recommend this workshop to my colleagues”

“Well structured, good balance theory and practice. All relevant issues are addressed. Discussion on governance model was very important”

“From strategic considerations to a practical toolbox for outsourcing development successfully”

“All disciplines in our organization who are involved in outsourcing should participate in this workshop”

Examples of participating companies:

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